Posted By john on Monday, April 4, 2022

"No more trains" in the Netherlands due to IT system failure


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Monday, April 4, 2022

No publicly released root cause yet, but copy-pasting my comment from HN speculating on it: From the notice: > It affected the system that generates up-to-date schedules for trains and staff. ...boy oh boy did trying to look into what NS uses for crew scheduling ever send me down a rabbit hole. I don't know if the systems have changed but while poking around online I found this[1] doc about the Netherlands' timetable revamp around 2006 and it talks about the complexity of TURNI-- their on-the-fly crew scheduling system. > A typical workday at NS includes approximately 15,000 trips for drivers and 18,000 for conductors. The resulting number of duties is approximately 1,000 for drivers and 1,300 for conductors. This leads to extremely difficult crew scheduling instances. Nevertheless, because of the highly sophisticated applied algorithms, TURNI solves these cases in 24hours of computing time on a personal computer. Therefore, we can construct all crew schedules for all days of the week within just a few days. Then I found more detail about TURNI's implementation in this[2] paper about optimizing crew scheduling for timetables. > In the railway industry the sizes of the crew scheduling instances are, in general, a magnitude larger than in the airline industry. Moreover, crew can be relieved during the drive of a train resulting in much more trips per duty than typical in airlines. In other words, the combinatorial explosion is much higher. The latter has made the application of these models in the railway industry prohibitive until recently. Cool stuff. Finally, gleaning from ns.nl's careers page[3] everything else in their IT land outside this system runs off SAP (likely including the actual distribution of the output of crew scheduling) so if I had to gamble I'd say the failure happened somewhere in the integration between them. [1] https://homepages.cwi.nl/~lex/files/Interfaces.pdf [2] https://repub.eur.nl/pub/11701/ei200803.pdf [3] https://werkenbijns.nl/werkgebieden/it/sap-specialist-bij-ns... sidenote: If anyone out there is an SAP specialist ns.nl looks like a pretty great place to work: 36hr week, 5 weeks vacation, pension, and free unlimited 2nd class + low cost 1st class train travel.